Hi all!

I’m J. Tiffany Noore and I write steamy haremlit stories about ordinary guys and fabulous and otherworldly women having extraordinary adventures.

Writing SciFi Erotica and Fantasy Erotica at night. Writing my PhD on AI by day.

Proud Madisonian and companion to my Persian Queen Cougar 😽.

All my novels contain explicit sex, just so you’re warned… or enticed 💋

In Cartographer Tremayne, I wrote about a Roarin’ 1920s space travel world, including gyrating gynoids, saucy solicitors, sexy spies… Buy it here!

Find a list of my stories here.

There are stories I write on Twitter: Merchant Zayed and The Three Tiffanys. Follow me on Twitter to keep updated.

The adventures are otherworldly, and the relationships respectful, caring and consensual between nice guys and wonder women.

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I’m always happy to hear from you, and I’ll try my very best to respond as quickly as I can.

Kisses, Tiffany

  • The Three Tiffanys – Episode 1 Season 3
    The Three Tiffanys escape the sheik, but he confiscates the pearl.
  • Review “Raw II: A Primeval Fantasy”
    Spice in a Misty primeval world
  • Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 1 Season 4
    Zayed is incarcerated by Sorcerer Javad. He is drugged to divulge his mission to rob the sorcerer.
  • The Three Tiffanys – Season 2
    These are the adventures of The Three Tiffanys. This season consists of ten threads of ten tweets, published from October 2023 to February 2024. The story is set in the 1920s, when three Western women find their way into the harem and heart of the Sultan of Rakal Al Sulem. The Three Tiffanys each have their own reasons to stay, but more importantly they all have reasons to work together for the betterment of the sultanate.
  • The Three Tiffanys – Episode 10 Season 2
    J. Tiffany recognizes where “Al-Qutb stands guard over the silent waters that whisper into the desert,” to find the pearl’s resting place, but the sheik ambushes them.
  • Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Season 3
    These are the adventures of Merchant Arash Zayed. This season consists of ten episodes of ten tweets each, published from October 2023 to February 2024. This story is set in the Persian world of the 1001 nights. Merchant Arash Zayed is sent on a mission to find an unknown treasure, while his first wife and his mother prepare his second wedding.
  • Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 10 Season 3
    Arash reaches the sight of the treasure. But the real prize is a Peri, imprisoned by the evil sorcerer.
  • Review “The eGirl: A Fembot Romance”
    Love and AI
  • The Three Tiffanys – Episode 9 Season 2
    The Tiffanys set off into the desert. The harsh conditions challenge them — blinding sandstorms, treacherous dunes, and scorching heat. However, their determination keeps them moving.
  • Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 9 Season 3
    Cyrene visits Ruksana; can she build a perfect man for her?

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