I write steamy haremlit stories about ordinary guys and fabulous and otherworldly women having extraordinary adventures.

"I love writing #haremlit stories because they allow me to explore the different ways that people can find their true selves. Love is a powerful force that can help people to discover their true selves and to live their lives authentically."

Hi reader,

I missed you. Did you miss me as well? 💋

The first draft of Prospector Finch's Harem Adventures Part 1 will be done by the end of next week! More than 70,000 words. It will be my first full haremlit novel.
Thinking about which of the fabulous ladies I want to show on the cover. I've got the selection down to two. You'll see in March.

I should have know better than to start an outfit bingo in late autumn. Winter is not a good season to wear skimpy clothes. Only have 4/25 done. Maybe I'll score one more soon.
There are now three seasons of Merchant Zayed's Harem Adventures and two seasons for The Adventures of The Three Tiffanys. I think it's their bite size that makes them so much fun to write. I try to pack as much in them as I can.
Here are my latest posts about Zayed, The Three Tiffanys and the books I review.


Merchant Zayed's Harem Adventures - Episode 1 Season 4

Zayed is incarcerated by Sorcerer Javad. He is drugged to divulge his mission to rob the sorcerer.
Merchant Zayed Season 4-Episode 1

The Three Tiffanys - Season 2

The Three Tiffanys - Season 2
These are the adventures of The Three Tiffanys. This season consists of ten threads of ten tweets, published from October 2023 to February 2024. The story is set in the 1920s, when three Western women find their way into the harem and heart of the Sultan of Rakal Al Sulem. The Three Tiffanys each have their own reasons to stay, but more importantly they all have reasons to work together for the betterment of the sultanate.

The Three Tiffanys - Episode 10 Season 2

J. Tiffany recognizes where “Al-Qutb stands guard over the silent waters that whisper into the desert,” to find the pearl’s resting place, but the sheik ambushes them.
The Three Tiffanys - Episode 10 Season 2
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