I write steamy haremlit stories about ordinary guys and fabulous and otherworldly women having extraordinary adventures.

“I love writing #haremlit stories that feature diverse characters. I want my readers to see themselves in my work, regardless of their race or creed. I love to write about characters who are different from each other, but who are drawn to each other because of their differences.”

Hi reader,

Spring’s got me thinking of warm smiles... like yours. 🥰
I’m very happy to announce my first full-length novel Belleville, the first part in the Prospector Finch Harem Adventures.
You get it HERE. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CX9NCVCF/

Already working on the second part, so I’m excited about that as well. I may not have as much time as I’d like, because my BF and I are moving into a new apartment together at the end of next month. There is still so much to do!

Don’t know why, but I still love working on the episodic Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures, and The Three Tiffanys. The seasons are adding up. You can get them for free from my website.

These are my latest posts.

Merchant Zayed's Harem Adventures - Episode 4 Season 4

Zayed springs the lioness and the leopardess on the evil sorcerer, but they lose the fight and vanish.
Merchant Zayed Season 4-Episode 3

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Hope you have a lovely spring day!

The Three Tiffanys - Episode 3 Season 3

Sheik Rushdi al-Khalaf claims he has the pearl, and challenges Farouz.
The Three Tiffanys - Episode 3 Season 3
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