I write steamy haremlit stories about ordinary guys and fabulous and otherworldly women having extraordinary adventures.

"I love writing #haremlit stories because they allow me to explore the different ways that people can find their true selves. Love is a powerful force that can help people to discover their themselves and to live their lives authentically."

Happy New Year reader!

Trying to send you a little bit of sunshine today! ☀️

I hope you're looking back on a good year. I try very hard not to let politics and news get me down. Instead, I focus on the fun I'm having writing Prospector Finch (4 chapters done!), Merchant Zayed, and The Three Tiffanys.

In real life, my BF and I decided to move in together. We're looking for an apartment in my current complex. I won't be long! I know Cougar won't mind having him around either.

2024 will be devoted to getting as many Prospector Finch novels done as I can. I'm aiming at four!
I hope you enjoy Merchant Zayed's Harem Adventures and The Adventures of The Three Tiffanys. They are so much fun to write. Each episode is just bite sized, but I think I manage to pack as much in them as I can.

I'm still using the ten-tweets format, even though I don't post them as threads anymore. That was a lot of work, and I didn't feel comfortable tweeting the steamy bits. So, now I send you to my site, where you can read it all.
Here are the latest posts about Zayed and The Three Tiffanys.


The Three Tiffanys - Episode 7 Season 2

Tiffany T researches ancient maps. There may be some early truth to the myth of the ‘Pearl of the Desert’. She spends the night with Farouz.
The Three Tiffanys - Episode 7 Season 2

Review "Vermillion Cabal - Demon Hunter 2"

Vermillion Cabal: Demon Hunter 2
Sorcerer, sexy girls and a grimoire!

Merchant Zayed's Harem Adventures - Episode 7 Season 3

Cyrene is ashamed about what Rohzin saw. Rohzin tells her she is entitled to love. But is it love?
Merchant Zayed Season 3-Episode 7
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