About Tiffany

Hi all! 

My pen name is J. Tiffany Noore. However, the J and Tiffany are real.

I still can’t believe I’m actually writing steamy stories. In real life I’m shy and I would die of shame if my parents or colleagues knew about this. Not to mention my brothers!

The first story I published is Tremayne’s Harem Adventure. That was fun to write.

I had three series in mind to begin with. But then I joined Olivia Lawless‘ Erotica Consortium. With a great group of writers we published several steamy collections! You can find them here.

I designed the Seal of the Erotica Consortium

Meanwhile, on Twitter I started writing ten-tweet threads and bundling them together in longer stories. I’ve moved them to Facebook. There’s a new episode every week.

There’s Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures.

And there’s The Three Tiffanys set in 1920s Arabia, where three different American women join a sultan’s harem.

Download | Read the complete first season.

Download | Read the complete second season.

My protagonists are not dominant men who collect a harem. They are friendly regular guys who get into trouble and find companions to help them out. It just so happens those companions are all sexual partners, who are OK with sharing. I preferred that to some forced serial monogamy with jilted, jealous or vengeful lovers. The women aren’t necessarily used to sharing a man, and may even dislike the thought at first. And they may not even want to have sex with the other women. But some will.

So, I started calling them Harem companions: quest companions with benefits. The companions can be otherworldly, but the relationships are always respectful, caring and consensual. Simply, because I think that is what relationships should be like.

I’m 29 and live in Madison, Wisconsin.  My zodiac sign is Aries.

What I’m about to share, I do in confidence that you will respect my secret identity. Wow! Did I just write ‘secret identity’ – what am I? Batgirl?

Anyway, I like going to the Forward Theater & Co, Kanopy Dance at Ouverture center. And I may even be found at Badger’s men’s basketball game – although I don’t like to talk sports. Yay Badgers! is all you’ll get form me.

I love walking in Tenney Park. If my friends insist, I play tennis there and may even visit the beach. But they will really have to convince me. I bicycle everywhere I go.

I love yoga classes at Dragonfly. And sometimes I find the time to go to Mickey’s Tavern. It’s near my pet shop – I have a Persian cat called ‘Cougar’. Hey, how could I not fall for a Persian Queen?

My pet Cougar

I’m always happy to hear from you, and I’ll try my very best to respond as quickly as I can.

Kisses, Tiffany

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