The Golden Record – A Relay Twitter Story

This is a 8-tweet relay story that @FloorKist_SciFi and I wrote.

Golden Record that was sent into space with Voyager's 1 + 2
The Golden Record by @floorkist_scifi and @jtiffanynoore

The Golden Record

Lomberg’s great-grandson inherited his Golden Record with the message for alien cultures that Voyagers 1 + 2 carried into space. Not only the gold, but it’s significance weighed upon him. At seventeen, he wondered if he would ever be able to live up to his family’s legacy?

Just before his 18th birthday, Duke hoped to find answers about his future by looking at the stars. The telescope he used was his uncle’s. One of the stars winked at him. He adjusted the focus. It did so again, making his passions struggle with his pragmatic expectations.

He packed his stuff and went home. Sleep wouldn’t find him easily that night. Instead, the Golden Record stared at him. A car passing flashed it’s lights on it. Duke grimaced because now the record winked at him as well. “Happy birthday,” he mumbled when the clock struck 3.

He must have fallen asleep, because he woke up. His head was in someone’s lap. She was sitting in a cozy living room with a glowing fireplace and tussled his hair with elegant fingers. Duke was surprised of course, but somehow the setting was soothing. Her loving smile shone.

He’d seen her before, just a few days ago, at the mall. Her dark eyes, black curls, red lips made him stare. She didn’t smile, but her gaze told him she didn’t mind. About the same age, self-assured, and at peace. More than her beauty, that spoke to him. How was she here?

“Crossroads,” she whispered, “the first of many. Some will be easy, some won’t. It’s not because you’re an adult now that you have to point your life in a certain direction, but simply because it’s the next step.” “I’m scared,” he confessed. “Of course, you are, but why?”

“I want people to be proud of me. I want to become someone who matters, who means something to the world.” “Why wouldn’t you?” That was a fair question, but it surprised him anyway. All his fears, wonders, and wishes jumbled out. Perspiration covered his forehead. She smiled.

Your richness are your own choices and the paths you follow. The Golden Record brags about the beauty of Earth, mathematics, physics, chemistry, music, paintings, sculptures, literature. The possibilities are yours, and your great-grandfather would support any choice you make.

The Golden Record - Thanks for reading
Thanks for Reading @floorkist_scifi @jtiffanynoore
Kisses, Tiffany

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