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Yay! My first full length novel is published on Amazon!

Belleville: A Harem Adventure of Unearthly Proportions

In the heart of California’s second gold rush in 1860, Webster Finch, a young, unlucky prospector, dreams of striking gold to secure a simple life. But destiny has a far more extraordinary journey in store for him—one that stretches beyond the confines of Earth itself.

Captured by the hedonistic Alder, Finch’s quest for gold turns into a battle for freedom. Escaping them, only to encounter the belligerent Simmix, he finds himself at the center of a double conflict with the fate of our planet hanging in the balance.

But Finch is not alone. Along his globe-spanning adventure, he meets fabulous women from different corners of the world. From a San Francisco socialite, a defective Alder fembot, to a Japanese samurai. Each with their own reason to fight the star people, these women are drawn to Finch, offering their help—and their hearts.

“Belleville” weaves together the thrill of the California gold rush with the intrigue of science fiction, creating a unique gentlemen’s adventure. As Finch navigates alliances with these remarkable women, he uncovers the power of unity and love in the face of extraterrestrial threats.

Dive into an adventure that offers not just the lure of gold but the allure of the unknown. Where every turn is a discovery, and every alliance is a chance at love.

Are you ready to join Webster Finch on this planetary escapade to save Earth and win hearts along the way?

Belleville Cover Reveal

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