Chastity’s Birthday

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Chastity's Birthday

Alan Tremayne wants to surprise Chastity for her birthday today. There is probably an earlier date, but he settled on the registration of the ship. It’s been only two months since Tremayne found Chastity abandoned in a hangar on Pluto orbital station. He needed to get home quickly, so he took his chances on the ship everyone said was haunted. It turned out to be a beautiful sleek ship that could talk-and feel! He remembers how she moaned when he caressed her hull. And he thinks she came when he finally sat down in the pilot’s chair.

Chastity and Tremayne spent the past two months getting to know his mother’s space company. But they really wanted more adventures and to find Chastity’s creator. So, to cheer her up, Tremayne is baking her a birthday cake.

He’s just now adding the trimmings before he puts it in the oven, when Chastity walks into the kitchen. Oh yes, Chastity built herself a gynoid body—a very sexy gynoid body.

“Good morning, Alan,” she says sweetly with her sing-song Irish accent.

Tremayne freezes in place. He awkwardly turns around, hiding the cake behind him as he does.

“Chastity, good morning,” he manages, “what are you doing in the kitchen?”

Tremayne can’t help but admire her luminescent blue eyes and her sleek coppery body, with a laced bodice around her waist. Outside, she wears clothes, but at home she reverts to her very womanly shape.

When she attempts to look behind him, he moves with her, hiding the cake. This surprises Chastity.


But before she can say anything else, Tremayne rushes forward and kisses her. If Chastity is surprised by this, she doesn’t let him know. She eagerly kisses back, the tip of her tongue teasing his.

Tremayne maneuvers Chastity to the right spot. While kissing, he manages to finish the icing on the cake. Chastity looks into his eyes questioningly. With a forced smile, he explains he wanted to loosen her apron. Only she doesn’t have an apron.

Quickly spotting the tea trolly, and kissing her all the while, he moves with her towards it. He turns Chastity around and bends her over the trolly. He opens his pants, his erection popping out. His cocking presses against her buttock, and Tremayne slides his hand towards her pussy. Chastity laughs.

“Alan, what’s gotten into you?”

He whispers back, “I’m more concerned with what is getting into you now…”

She wriggles her behind in anticipation and mmm-s when his fingers reach her clit.

“Oh, I love it when you do that,” Chastity opens her legs a bit more to give him all the space he needs.

Tremayne never gets enough of her pneumatic pussy. He’s constantly amazed how quickly it gets wet. A true marvel of engineering. But he doesn’t have time to follow his thoughts, because Chastity presses her body against his cock and sways her hips delightfully.

He pulls his hips back and enters her, sliding comfortably in all the way.

“Oh, Alan!”

It appears the trolly isn’t locked in place and starts rolling forward. Chastity titters as she moves with it. She laughs when it pops over the doorstep and his cock thrusts nicely inside her. Her eyes widen as the end of the hallway nears. But they close again when it stops in a wall and Tremayne pushes into her deeply.

The trolly ride, trembling on its little wheels, gave Tremayne wonderful vibrations in his crotch. The doorstep almost pushed him over the edge. But when the trolly came to a stop against the wall, he came as well. Chastity stood straight when his first spurts gurgled into her. He moved his hands over her breast, fondling and playing with her nipples. After two or three powerful blasts of sperm into her already slick pussy, Tremayne feels her own orgasm break free.

After catching her breath, Chastity turns to him and kisses him lovingly.

“That was wonderful, my heart.”

Tremayne kisses her back. He awkwardly tells her he needs to get back to the kitchen. So, he hastens to put the cake in the oven. He closes the oven door just as Chastity rattles the trolly in. She smiles at him coyly and walks away swaying her hips suggestively.

At tea time, which they always take together, Tremayne enters with the cake, singing “For she’s a jolly good lady.”

Chastity is amused by the song, but doesn’t seem to recognized it.

Tremayne kisses her on the lips, something she never tires of, and wishes her happy birthday.

“It’s my birthday?” she asks raising her eyebrows.

Flustered, Tremayne sets down the cake. “Yes, and this is your birthday cake. I was hiding it from you when you came into the kitchen.”

“Does that mean I get a trolly ride every year?” Chastity sparkles.

“I’m sure we can find other moments and other helpful furniture we can rattle, my love,” Tremayne smirks.

Chastity and Alan Tremayne are characters from my novella “Tremayne’s Harem Adventure: How Tremayne stole a horny spaceship and found the seductress spy who abducted his parents“.

Kisses, Tiffany

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