Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 1 Season 3

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This story is set in the Persian world of the 1001 nights. Merchant Arash Zayed is sent on a misison to find an unknown treasure, while his first wife and his mother prepare his second wedding.

Merchant Zayed Season 3-Episode 1

“In Pairidaeza, where love’s flame burns bright,

Two hearts entwined, in pure delight.

Beneath the cypress trees so tall,

Their love eternal, their love for all.”

Arash Zayed, lying on his new wife’s lap reading this poem to her, bathes in the brightness of her amber eyes.

“The birds do sing, the fountains flow,

As love’s sweet nectar they bestow.

Their souls united, their love unbound,

In Pairidaeza, where true love is found.”

His manhood stirs. Her smile is full of sensual promise.

As quick as a bird’s wing flitters, Rohzin notices it grow.

Rohzin kisses him, her breasts pressing against his ear. More noticeable stirs.

Merchant Zayed concentrates on the last verse:

“Oh, love so pure, so true, so deep,

In Pairidaeza, where love’s seeds sleep.

To blossom forth, in radiant bloom,

A love eternal, beyond the tomb.”

He reaches for her fullness, softly squeezing, deftly searching for the hard nib of her nipple. Rohzin sighs when he finds it. Her eyes close. She lavishes in her lover’s caresses, her own passion awakening playfully. Rohzin slides her hand over his chest towards is belt.

“O beauty, let me sing your praise,” Arash improvises.

“And bask in your enchanting rays.

For you are all that I desire,

My heart’s one love, my soul’s on fire.

Your curves, like hills and valleys sweet,

A feast for weary eyes to eat.”

The last words are lost in her kisses.

As Rohzin grabs his stiffness, there is a knock on the door.

“My poor lovebirds,” Cyrene pouts from outside, “a messenger from the emir has arrived.”

Arash opens, face flushed. Cyrene hides her quick smile. Her heart flies with their happiness, awakening past emotions of her own. She forces herself not to look at his crotch, assuming there must be something there.

All business now, the merchant meets with the messenger, then calls for his horse to be saddled. He rushes to his new responsibilities. “A meeting with the Emir” Cyrene and Rohzin hear him say.


When Arash returns, he frowns telling his wife and mother about the curious task from the emir. He needs to visit Terjenli in the Golestan region to find a wise man, and trade for an unknown treasure. “You will know it when you see it,” the Emir dismissed him.

Is he being set up?

Although not far, the mountainous trek will take several days. Villagers will tell him where to find the wise man. He obviously won’t ask them about what the treasure could be. Maybe someone in the tavern will tell him anyway. Arash will need all his skills to make this trade.

Wasps swarm his brain, keeping him from slumber, and lovemaking. Each insect is an angle Arash can think of about the emir’s curious task. Rohzin’s loving fingers on his temples finally bring rest to his busy head. He wakes up early to make preparations for the trip to Terjenli.

I hope you enjoyed this first episode of Season 3.

>> Episode 2.

Download | Read the complete second season (10 episodes).

Download | Read the complete first season (10 episodes).

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