Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 2 Season 3

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This story is set in the Persian world of the 1001 nights. Merchant Arash Zayed is sent on a mission to find an unknown treasure, while his first wife and his mother prepare his second wedding.

Merchant Zayed - Episode 2 Season 3

Shaheen’s tread was true. Merchant Zayed bought his reddish-brown horse last summer. He chose it for its swiftness and agility—and one white sock. He owns other horses, of course. But for the trip to Terjenli, in the rugged mountains of Golestan, he decided Shaheen would do best. They weren’t there yet. Arash estimated that, depending on his ability to find shelter and water, he would reach his destination in six days. He still feels that this is a strange mission: returning with an unknown treasure from a wise man. It’s a test! The emir knows what it is. When Zayed brings the emir anything but the right treasure, he will be punished.

And why send a merchant? Why not a regiment of soldiers? The emir said nothing about what he could trade with. He would never expect Arash to pay for the treasure himself, would he? No, he wouldn’t.
The first night is falling fast. Zayed finds a little stream. He makes his camp near soft grasses Shaheen prefers.


Sparks of his fire float towards the stars in the sky. Arash follows them. His mind drifts to beautiful Rohzin. In his mind’s eye he sees her smile, and her breasts. Her cool fingers tease his hardening cock. Arash closes his eyes and let’s this delight wash over him. He feels her slow soft strokes. Her other fingers caress his balls. He grunts when her lips find his tip, kiss his length downward, and nibble all the way back up. He sighs. It’s followed by a lazy smile. Familiar sensations stir his lust.

He pushes Rohzin down, kissing her, kneading her ample breast, nuzzling his way down to her Gate of Passion. It’s her turn to squirm. He loves how his tongue feels on her slit, snaking through her bush, tasting her. He loves the sounds she makes. Her quickening breath, the rising pitch of her moans, the lowering of her growls.

Rozhin writhes against him, looking for and finding that perfect spot that leads to greater bliss.

He smiles when she makes a new sound, adorable singing mmm’s.

Her body gasps in delight. She pulls his face on her pussy lips and rolls her hips to catch every elusive orgasmic tremor teasing through her body.

Arash’s lips probe inside of her, tasting her wetness, igniting another blissful shiver in his beloved. Smiling, loving he looks up. Fiery amber eyes shine in his. Athossa!

The princess gets on her knees, tweaking her nipples in her after-glow. Her finger crooks at him. He stands. She takes his cock in her mouth, and licks, and sucks, and kisses. Her talented lips blow the warmth of her love into his balls. The scent of her climax intoxicates his senses. Her lips enflame his lust. Her eyes inspire his passion. When a fingernail lightly caresses his scrotum, he knows his river will overflow. The stars in the sky don’t do justice to the fireworks building up within him. He closes his eyes.

When dampness replaces the fingernail, he opens them again. Rohzin!

Her silky tongue slides of his roundness. Then she plops one testicle in her mouth, looking him in the eyes with adoration.

Athossa runs her hand along his length. Her eyes too sparkle with endless love. For him!

Their love envelops him completely. Shaking, he spurts his answer on both their faces. Not one, not two, nor three, nor four, but six jets of essence paint a loving picture on them. His beautiful wives!

Athossa and Rohzin kiss as kin-wives, smearing his devotion on each other.

I hope you enjoyed episode 2 of Season 3.

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Download | Read the complete second season (10 episodes).

Download | Read the complete first season (10 episodes).

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