Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 2 Season 4

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This story is set in the Persian world of the 1001 nights. On his mission to find an unknown treasure, Merchant Zayed is captured by powerful sorcerer, Javad the Elder.

Merchant Zayed Season 4-Episode 2
Merchant Zayed Season 4-Episode 2

Blinking his eyes open, Zayed tries to shake the image of Javad from his dreams. He smiles when he looks upon the beautiful peri. Her long hair, the color of spun sunlight is adorned with delicate jasmine blossoms. It wraps around Noor like a silky scarf, hiding her nakedness. She returns a warm and compassionate smile. Her cocked eyebrow is aware of his attempts to peek through her wrap. He quickly looks up to her eyes. She returns a gentle smile that radiates warmth and compassion.

He quickly looks up to her eyes. “Forgive me, O peri. Your beauty makes me forget my manners,” he apologizes.

“You are pleasing to look at as well.”

Her answer flusters Zayed. With a slight burn in his cheeks, “Thank you, Noor.”

“You have a ḥilya of love about you. Are you loved?”

“I am fortunate in this way, yes. My only hope is that I am worthy of it, and can return it to the women who do.”

“Women? More than one?”

“I’m counting my mother among them, exalted peri.

“Them? More than one?”

His cheeks widen at being caught. “Yes, I have the love of two women.”

“I’m sure there will be more…” her eyes promise.

Arash thinks of a way to change the awkward subject. “The absence of water holds you here, does it not? I’m sure you’ve considered ways to escape this place.”

“Hm, not many humans know of our connection to water. You are correct.”

As Noor sits up, a nipple peeks through her hair. Zayed forces himself to look up.

“I have some residual water shir left, but this magic is not enough for me to leave this room.”

“Can I help in some way? Ruksana, our seeress, once told me that a body holds water as well. Use it.”

“You are a kind a generous soul, Arash Zayed, but it is my nature to help. I cannot accept such a gift knowing it may be the last one you give.”

“And what if we lure the sorcerer here, could you use his water?”

This thought had not occurred to the peri, but she dismisses it anyway.

“We are not like other jinn. Our intent is to help, not to kill. For self-defense there may be an exception, but not to escape. There must be another way.”

“I understand. I did not mean any disrespect.”

“I know. You are merely considering options. I did not mean to disappoint you.”

“Of course. How much water do you need?”

“To escape alone? At least a bucketful. Two more to take you with me. Javad will never allow this much to come into the room. Besides, his magic is powerful enough to stop me.”

“So, we would need to distract him as well?” Zayed concludes.

After their conversation, Noor’s left breast is entirely visible. She notices him looking. “Ah yes. The human male’s fascination with the female form. Javad is impervious to that as well.” Zayed manages a pained smirk. What does a powerful sorcerer desire? Of course! More power.

I hope you enjoyed episode 2 of Season 4.

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