Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 3 Season 3

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This story is set in the Persian world of the 1001 nights. Merchant Arash Zayed is sent on a mission to find an unknown treasure, while his first wife and his mother prepare his second wedding.

Happy, Rohzin wakes to the song of the nightingale. Even though she was created as an adult woman, the zambānūg is only a couple of weeks old, and still delights in many of the worldly happenings. As a game, Rohzin once ranked her experiences so far, like enjoying a sunny morning. Stretching in that morning sun is also wonderfully refreshing. Not surprisingly, kissing Arash and sex with him get a high score. At the top of the list, though, is when Arash licks and kisses her womanhood. The sensual energy coursing through her body when he does, is addictive. A walk in Cyrene’s garden to cool in the shade is tremendously rewarding. So, after breakfast Rohzin will do just that.


Cyrene loves the scents of her garden. Even now, she lets herself be intoxicated by the all the perfumes her flowers wear. She mmm’s in delight at the gardener. The strong young man bumps into her with a lazy rhythm that sets her senses on fire. Their affair is only a couple of months old. Cyrene did not expect him to make these kinds of advances on a woman her age. But he seemed sincere, especially when she bared her firm breasts at him. His stiffy squirted instantly. It was flattering, of course. But Cyrene would have preferred his semen inside of her. How she had missed that since her husband died. The young man, however, was able to cum a second time, igniting shudders of ecstasy in every part of her body.

She is bent over a low wall, her tits swinging free. She loves how he plays with her right one now. His rod pushing and pulling in her, the squishy sound that makes, the slapping of his pelvis against her ass, overwhelms all her sensitivities. He rolls the hard bud of her breast. That last squeeze starts the tremors in her pussy, flowing deliciously towards every extremity. Cyrene closes her eyes, and lets the waves of sexiness overcome her. ‘He is close,’ she can tell. Today, she will treat him to a new experience: kneeling before him, exposing her tits. His eyes pop wide seeing Cyrene like that. With a grunt, his seed shoots out of his granite cock. She sees him struggle to keep his eyes open, relishing in his cum splattering on her two smooth mounds. His jizz tickles its way between them. Cyrene licks her lips sensuously. He rewards her with two more spurts before he stumbles back, catching his breath. So, she rewards him by sliding a finger over her left breast, collecting his juice, and slowly brings it to her mouth. Her tongue flicks it clean, then she sucks off the remainder. His face is red.

Cyrene’s fingers play with his lovely delivery, cocking a sexy eyebrow, and giving him a rapturous smile. His tunic lowers over his still willing manhood. Acting demurer than she feels, she looks away shyly… Then she sees Rohzin in the garden, looking surprised. Cyrene gasps.

I hope you enjoyed episode 3 of Season 3.

Download | Read the complete second season (10 episodes).

Download | Read the complete first season (10 episodes).

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