Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 3 Season 4

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This story is set in the Persian world of the 1001 nights. Merchant Arash Zayed is sent on a mission to find an unknown treasure, while his first wife and his mother prepare his second wedding.

Merchant Zayed Season 4-Episode 3

After Cyrene visited Ruksana, the seeress, she simply couldn’t return home because of the scandalous knowledge she had come upon. The Falnama cards of oracles described the perfect man for her: her son Arash Zayed! Would she ever be able to face, Rohzin her daughter-in-law again? Ruksana explained this didn’t mean Cyrene lusted after her own son, just that she admired his qualities. It did little to relieve her of her shame. She was thankful Arash wasn’t at home. How would she ever be able to look upon him with other eyes?

“We will take one step at a time,” the wise woman suggested. “We must begin with the Gaokerena, the life-giving haoma plant growing near the Tree of All Seeds in the center of the Vourukash Sea. It has been found before.”

Cyrene knew this was true. Together with the seeress, they tricked Zayed to find that plant. Then they stole it from him. Finally, Cyrene’s ears burning at the memory, the seeress and Arash’s mother built a zambānūg, a woman. That woman is now Rohzin, his wife. Only because Cyrene sees how happy they are together can she accept this deception. Rohzin is like a real woman.

How terrible if Arash were to discover the truth. That means that Cyrene can’t ask him to fetch the plant for the second time. Another must undertake this task for her. But she must be careful not to divulge the plant’s secrets, nor the urgency of the mission to the one she hires.


After a few days of careful inquiries, Cyrene finally gets the name of a delavar who could undertake an ‘arduous trip.’ That’s the term the seeress suggested. It could simply mean that, in absence of her own son, Cyrene requires someone to make a trip that is too long for her. Dilnaz, the garrison commander’s daughter, told her about Kambiz a seasoned wanderer. He would be in town in a few days. For the right price, he will make the trip. Although thankful, Cyrene was a bit uneasy talking to her. Dilnaz is one of the women that Rohzin is modeled upon.

A tall and broad-shouldered, seasoned and handsome man finds her table at the market. His face is tanned from years under the unforgiving sun. A well-trimmed beard, streaked with a hint of gray, frames his strong jawline. Eyes, the color of sunbaked earth, still sparkle with youth. The adventurer’s gaze burrows into her. ‘Yes, he will do.’ Cyrene isn’t sure for what yet? The trip, or the man? Their combined physical experience, along with his fitness would surely bring her the pleasure she seeks. However, it’s not only about the delights of the senses, is it? After haggling about the price, and swatting away his flatteries, Cyrene commissions him to find the special plant in the Vourukash Sea. His departing smile leaves a tingling between her legs, a tweak of the nipple, and a seductive smile on her lips. ‘Yes. He will do very nicely.’

I hope you enjoyed episode 3 of Season 4.

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