Merchant Zayed’s Harem Adventures – Episode 4 Season 4

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This story is set in the Persian world of the 1001 nights. On his mission to find an unknown treasure, Merchant Zayed is captured by powerful sorcerer, Javad the Elder.

Merchant Zayed Season 4-Episode 3

Arash Zayed, held in his cage, continues to wonder what he has that might interest Javad the Elder. It has to be powerful, possibly magical. But the merchant owns nothing like that. Even if he did, why doesn’t the sorcerer just take it from him? This is only one of his thoughts. The other is how he can get some water into this treasure room. Noor, the peri in the next cage, would use it to escape. No matter what Zayed comes up with, he’s certain that Javad will see right through his trick to get two buckets of water here. Even his pee is flushed away.

Then it hits him. How could he be so stupid! The ring! The rukh rewarded him with a magical ring that calls two feline females to him. That must be why the sorcerer captured the mighty bird. It has to be gifted, it can’t be taken. It’s so simple: he will ask them to fetch water.

A seductive sigh reaches his cock when he twists the ring. The curves and tits of Shayzar the lioness and leopardess Shirin appear out of the purple puff of smoke. Their sensuous eyes and seductive smiles make him stiff. Noor’s eyebrow lifts when she watches them release his rod. Before they take him in their mouths, kneeling before him, Arash summons all his self-control to stop them. “I need two buckets,” he groans.

“We’ll make sure you do,” Shayzar purrs.

“… of water,” the merchant grunts.

“Don’t you want to stay hot for us, master?” the leopardess coos.

They blink away after Zayed explains his situation. An instant later, they reappear with the buckets.

Noor smells the fresh water, and summons it to her. It flows through the air toward her cage, only to hiss into nothingness when it reaches a magical barrier surrounding her.

They hear Javad’s voice before they see him climb down the stairs. His eyes pierce towards the two magical felines, his mouth holding a greedy smile. “Yes, lovely.”

With a flick of his wrist a magical hand strangles Zayed. “You will give me the ring, little merchant.”

“He will not.” Baring claws and teeth, the two jump on Javad.

Arash breathes again. He watches in horror how his pets start shredding the sorcerer, and sink their teeth into his legs and arms. He can’t imagine anyone surviving this, until Shayzar and Shirin are hurled away by an invisible force.

They immediately bound towards him again. A finger snap burns them to ashes in midair. Javad waves his arm. From a gray cloud, he reappears standing, without a mark on him.

“You will give me that ring now!”

Zayed gurgles when the magical hand squeezes his throat again.

“He can’t.” The peri’s soft voice interrupts. “It cannot be given under duress, only freely. You know this already, Javad.”

The sorcerer flings Arash against the side of the cage, releasing his throat. “Then you will convince him, sweet Noor.”

“Do you really need another magical artifact?” “Yes.”

I hope you enjoyed episode 4 of Season 4.

Download | Read the complete first season

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