Review “Amazonian’s Love”

Vintage Misty Vixen with a tall Amazon and a regular guy

Amazonian’s Love

Amazonian’s Love is a science fiction erotic romance trilogy about a genetically engineered Amazonian warrior woman named Paige and a young hacker named Ethan. Paige is a skilled thief who works for herself, but she’s running into more and more trouble lately and realizes that she needs to take on a partner. Ethan is good at his tech skills, but he’s also in debt and desperate for money. When Paige offers him a job, he’s hesitant at first, but he eventually agrees.

Their attraction is immediate, but they are worried about getting together. They’re both convinced that the other will have no interest in them. Paige is worried that Ethan will be intimidated by her size and strength, while Ethan is afraid that Paige will see him as a weakling.

You know what happens next 🙂

Vintage Misty Vixen with a tall Amazon and a regular guy. And a steamy visit by yet another Amazon.

Amazonian’s Love is an story with a lot of action. The characters are relatable, and the romance is hot and steamy.

Kisses, Tiffany

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