Review “Demon Hunter: Birthright”

Michael Dalton weaves an interesting steamy science/occult story and populates it with fun characters.

Demon Hunter: Birthright
Demon Hunter Birthright

From the blurb: “Jimmy Kaplan has a hard enough time staying on top of his graduate studies in Chemical Engineering and dealing with the death of his quirky, cantankerous grandmother, who raised him from childhood.”

Jimmy finds out that his grandmother used to be a sorceress and now he finds himself following the path of a sorcerer. It turns out his application of chemistry and science is helping him strengthen his spellcraft. So, watch out demons! The occult is light and fun.

The story takes place on a college campus with hot women. So, yeah, there are steamy scenes, just as you’d expect from a harem story. In this genre it’s important to make different girls fall in love with the same guy believable. In this case, they even hit it off with each other. Dalton makes it work.

All in all a fun steamy science/occult read.

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