Review “The Cave Girl: Lost in Time: Book 1”

What happens if you take a man out of modern civilization and add four beautiful cave girls?

The Cave Girl -Lost in Time Part 1
The Cave Girl -Lost in Time Part 1

Marilyn Foxworthy is one of my favorite authors of steamy adventures. The world building on the island is very well done. The language the islanders speak is a wonderful creation by the author.

A man from our world arrives on a lost primitive island. There he finds real and sexy adventures. Especially when he meets four outcast women. The hairy islanders are the norm. But the hero and his ladies are smooth, just like some mystical elder. Greats stuff!

The main character even finds time to consider who he really is now that the distractions from the technological modern world has fallen away.

Thanks, Marilyn!

Kisses, Tiffany

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