Review “The Start of Time: “Shrine Maidens of Barsoom 1”

Find a nice Martian girl

The Start of Time - Shrine Maidens of Barsoom 1
The Start of Time – Shrine Maidens of Barsoom 1

This is a spicy version of John Carter of Mars. It’s clear that Marilyn Foxworthy has been inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs. What Marilyn does really well is find a new language for this planet. In her Cave girl series there is also a new language. And they are wonderful.

The title of this review says it all, although, the protagonist does find just one girl! The women are different and described very nicely. They are a pleasure to read about.

Marilyn Foxworthy is one of my favorite harem/polyamorous writers. And this is a fine example of why she is.

Kisses, Tiffany

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