Thank you Annabelle Hawthorne

Even though Annabelle Hawthorne hides somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, I was happy to find her books. I’d never heard of the Monster Harem genre, but Radley’s Home for Horny Monsters really helped define it.

Some of her characters, I find creepy. And some scenes where smaller women try to fit a large member, distorting their bodies, make me uncomfortable. Which is what you’d expect from monster books.

Annabelle is one of the authors who inspired be to start writing my own novels. What I like about her work is the ‘just-a-guy’ main character who gets involved with fabulous, fierce and fantastical women. It’s not always clear if they help him or if he helps them. In the end, he connects with all of them in a respectful way and they work together to face their challenges.

And I believe this is how it should be in real relationships as well.

Kisses, Tiffany

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