Thank you Marilyn Foxworthy

“It might get sexual,” Marilyn Foxworthy warns her reader, only to follow up with: “It’s always consensual.”

This what attracted me to her work. And it inspired me as well. Marilyn’s novels contain sex and harem romance, where multiple women are in love with the same man. “They usually represent various aspects of one relationship. There’s no sexual humiliation, sexual violence, bondage, or anything like that presented in any erotic way. The story is a fantasy. It isn’t realistic. The Heroes are good guys. They win. The Bad Guys lose. Magic and miracles happen.”

You may remember the main character in the movie Groundhog day. When his love interest gives him a list of qualities for her perfect man, he answers: “Me, me, me…”

However, I’m not so fond of first person stories. I like it when the reader knows more than the main characters and learn about complications before the hero does.

Either writing alone or together with co-author Jack Coltrane, I look forward to her novels.

Thank you Marilyn for your inspiration.

Kisses, Tiffany

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