Thank you Misty Vixen

I tend to write stories that blend adventure and sex, usually with a harem or polyamorous twist. I separate myself from most other authors in this genre by rejecting typical ‘alpha male’ type protagonists, and creating more realistic main characters. I tend to emphasize things like trust, respect, vulnerability, and communication.

Misty Vixen

When I read this introduction by Misty Vixen, I was sold! This is exactly what I’d like to read. But more importantly, this is also what I’d like to try and write.

Misty has some wonderful series, for example: Like a Fine Wine, A Warm Place, Haven and her latest Raw.

On her website you can find some free stories, so you can get to know her writing. And enjoy it like I did.

Misty Vixen is basically the reason I dared to start writing harem fiction. So, you can imagine how grateful I am to stand on her shoulders.

Kisses, Tiffany

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