The Three Tiffanys – Episode 10 Season 2

In 1924, three Western women find their way into the harem and heart of the Sultan of Rakal Al Sulem. The three Tiffanys each have their own reasons to stay, but more importantly they all have reasons to work together for the betterment of the sultanate. This is their story.

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The Three Tiffanys - Episode 10 Season 2
The Three Tiffanys – Episode 10 Season 2

Clawing their way through the sand, they reach what J saw. It’s the top of a palm tree alright, and only that. It blows away in the strong wind.

T is worried they’re in the wrong place, that she read the map all wrong. J wonders if she gave the right details to the others.

The Three Tiffanys huddle together in a cold tent. An angry wind tugs at its flaps. J. Tiffany reads the story of the ‘Pearl of the Desert’ as the Talesman told it. However, each time she heard him recite it, he changed words and details. Her favorite part is about Leila’s love. “The wind also sang of Jamil, a poet whose verses flowed like the ancient Tigris, powerful and serene. He was Laila’s heart’s compass, guiding her through storms of longing. Every night, beneath the velvet canopy of stars, he would serenade her…” J quickly skips down the poem. “Al-Qutb stands guard over the silent waters that whisper into the desert, where the scorpion’s tail sinks into the horizon at the hour when night and day embrace in fleeting twilight. The last rays of the sun kiss the peak of Mount Amīrah.” This J coaxed out of the storyteller. It may be a clue to the location. “T, do you know what Al-Qutb is?”

Tiffany Walker answers: “Easy. That’s the North Star. Why?”

J sits up. “And have you found anything about Mount Amīrah?”

“No, J. I told you before,” T says.

“What about in combination with the scorpion’s tail? Scorpio?”

“That’s in de middle of the Milky Way… Give me every clue in the story about stars, moons, time.”

After J does, T doesn’t have very much to work on. Mount Amīrah—meaning Princess—could be anwhere.

“A lonely, single mountain is the only thing that makes sense,” W suggests.

Looking at the copy of one of the older maps, Tiffany Takei runs her finger over different mountain ranges. She stops at Mount Zia, and taps on it. “It’s not far!”

“Do we have enough rations to get there?” W worries.

“Barely. Do we go back?”

“It’s risky, but we should continue.”

Three days later, they arrive at the foot of Mount Zia. W climbs onto a higher terrace, and helps the other up.

“The last rays of the sun kiss the peak of Mount Amīrah. Twin palms, like sentinels, hide the hidden spring of Safa,” J recites.

The Three Tiffanys scan the horizon. J’s heart skips a beat. She taps W on the shoulder and points. T turns her binoculars as well. The twin palms.

Scrambling down there, J smells water. Through the sounds of wind and sand, she also hears a low gurgling sound. Definitely water! They search the area: a cave opening! They climb down to find water. Deeper into the cave, they see ruins.


Rayyit and his men spy The Three Tiffanys climbing down. He orders one of them to go inform the sheik. The rest surround the opening, and wait for the sultan’s wives to reappear with the “Pearl of the Desert”.

I hope you enjoyed Season 2. Make sure to stick around for Season 3!

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Download | Read the complete first season.

Download | Read the complete second season.

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