The Three Tiffanys – Episode 10

In 1924, three Western women find their way into the harem and heart of the Sultan of Rakal Al Sulem. The three Tiffanys each have their own reasons to stay, but more importantly they all have reasons to work together for the betterment of the sultanate. This is their story.

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The evidence was damning. Even Mirina’s staunchest allies conceded. Saqal, learning of his mistress’ betrayal, turned on her. It didn’t matter. Their fates were sealed. Tiffany Takei and J. Tiffany Noore wouldn’t attend the the execution because of the usual torture preceding it.

They hid in each other’s arms hearing the murderers scream. Ashen-faced Tiffany Walker joined them afterwards. She never spoke of what she had seen, but it was clear she wished she hadn’t. They returned to the royal hall to be rewarded—everyone in awe of their accomplishment.

That night, Farouz started by kissing away Tiffany T’s tears. He held her as she shook in his arms.

“I must be merciless to my enemies, lest they see weakness,” he explained.”

“Yes, my Sultan.”

Farouz then kissed every inch of her back, her legs, her arms, her belly, her breasts.

T’s body was tingling with expectation when Farouz finally nuzzled her bush. She shivered when his tongue found her slit. Cupping her dainty tits, she rolled her nipples through her fingers. His passion heated her body to boiling point. His two fingers, bubbled her over the edge.

Farouz kept kissing her clit, tugging it between his lips. He felt T’s hands on the back of his head, pulling him in. Her legs over his shoulders trembled. He counted three peaks before she lovingly pushed him away. T wriggled in the remainder of his pleasuring, feeling at peace.

J. Tiffany just wanted to feel Farouz inside her and his thrusts against her pelvis. She laid back and closed her eyes, holding her breasts from wobbling too much. His cock’s friction in her pussy was uncomfortable right now. She wasn’t wet enough yet. His loving grunts helped.

J’s head lolled as he banged into her.

“Cum over my tits, O My Powerful Sultan… My beautiful husband.”

His fervor awakened her own. She almost fainted when it overtook her; a fleeting memory of his seed squirting on her breasts. After, she relished his sweet kisses in her neck.

Farouz realized Tiffany Walker was only using his cock for her own desires. He didn’t mind one bit. W rode him like she’d never done before. He felt her squeeze it each time she squished down. He laid back and merely admired her beautiful boobs, her proud chin, her golden locks.

Her bleu eyes pierced into his, her eyebrows shot up, then frowned when she felt her “Oh my stars!” meteorite through her body. She belly danced on his cock to squeeze out every last sensual shiver and blinked in his loving gaze after she had succeeded. Their kiss was sloppy wet.

Zarina recognized The Three Tiffanys satisfied faces. She was proud of her son’s adoring gaze on them. They didn’t realize how much they had already changed the harem for the better. The sultana-mother was sure that more was to come. Farouz’s enemies had been silenced for now.

Hope you enjoyed Season 1. I’ll be starting season 2 soon.

Download | Read the complete first season.

Download | Read the complete second season.

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