The Three Tiffanys – Episode 2 Season 2

In 1924, three Western women find their way into the harem and heart of the Sultan of Rakal Al Sulem. The three Tiffanys each have their own reasons to stay, but more importantly they all have reasons to work together for the betterment of the sultanate. This is their story.

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Sheik Rushdi al-Khalaf, Sheik of Jalan, pondered on the newly received intelligence. It’s mostly palace gossip, of course. He’s learned however, that the tasty titbits of palace news, just like a swift, shows which way the wind blows. If this Desert Pearl exists, it must be his. Farouz’s affront to traditions must stop: his three Western wives are the last slap in the face of elder honor! By rights, Rushdi’s daughter should have been a high-ranking wife in the harem. He knows other elders are just as offended. When he finds the Pearl, he will unite them.

“Summon my Astronomer and my Seeress!” Rushi shouts. It’s time for them to earn their pay.

Dafni is first to arrive. Mystical henna decorates her arms, hands and face: intricate and melodious, threads of Past and Future. A midriff-top veils her bosom, sheer pants her ass and legs. Patches matching the color of her skin, hide her gender’s delicacies. His manhood twitches when he sees her prostrated before him. The proper position for women. Her curves call out to him. The only reason, Rushdi hasn’t bedded her is that her powers of prophecy would disappear. Only a ‘Woman of Purity’ can profess futures and wisdom.

Suraq only bows deeply. He says it’s the highest form of respect used at the prestigious Nuzhirah Academy. His ornate robe is decorated with shimmering stars, suns and moons. Rushdi is sure he sees him glance at Dafni’s ass. His uncle gifted him the conceited advisor. Otherwise, he would have had him beheaded long ago. But today, he needs him… and Dafni, the Seeress.

The rivalry between his two advisors is widely known. Rushdi learned long ago that competition for his favor sharpens their council. He will need them at their best to find the mysterious ‘Pearl of the Desert’.

Of course, Dafni knows the legend. Rushdi notices a quick superior glance at Suraq. Rushdi holds his smile. He will favor her this week unless her advice falls short of Suraq’s, who gives a thin smile.

“I will return with insights about this mysterious pearl, O, my Sheik.” She bows deeply, allowing him to glance down her cleavage and almost catch her nipples. He watches her hips sway out of his throne room.

With a silky voice that makes Rushdi’s teeth itch, the Astronomer bows. “As always, Sheik Rushdi, the stars are at the service of your benevolence.” He bows away.

“Pompous ass,” Rushdi mutters.

He calls for his spy master, Rayyit. The quiet man with a straight back informs him that he has already requested their agent at the palace for daily updates. The Sheik of Jalan can always count on him. As quietly as he entered, so he leaves.

Rushdi al-Khalaf can’t wait to build his own Palace of the Sultanate, and surround himself with the most beautiful women in his realm. Maybe, he’ll even look for another seeress, so he can have Dafni.

Hope you enjoyed Episode 2 Season 2.

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