The Three Tiffanys – Episode 4

In 1924, three Western women find their way into the harem and heart of the Sultan of Rakal Al Sulem. The three Tiffanys each have their own reasons to stay, but more importantly they all have reasons to work together for the betterment of the sultanate. This is their story.

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the Three Tiffanys - Episode 4

The Three Tiffanys enjoyed the sultan’s bedchamber, but being there together took some getting used to. At first, they just snuggled up to the sultan and took turns turning him on and turning on his pecker. Tiffany T was the first to kiss J. Tiffany. It was completely unexpected.

They also discovered that another woman knows what your body needs, where it needs to be done, and how. Sometimes, they were so involved in each other that the sultan softly cleared his throat to remind them of his presence. J. Tiffany smiled at this memory. Tiffany W nudged her.

They were supposed to examine the scene of the crime of Ailyah’s murder. Neither of the women had any experience with murders or investigations. The sultan gave them this task because he didn’t trust anyone else to do it. So, Tiffany T divided the room into search quadrants.

Like hunting dogs, T and W looked under the tables, cushions, pillows and behind curtains and drapes. J had already forgotten which quadrant was assigned to her, so, she just stumbled around. Looking up, she noticed a rope hanging from a lamp. It was short and coarse, and cheap.

Nothing in the sultan’s palace was that cheap. A deeper marking on Ailyah’s throat made sense now, J realized. There was a knot in the middle of the rope. She wondered how she would react to the dead body. But it was so lifeless that it was just a thing now. A strangled thing.

“Not much of a clue,” W poopooed. T nudged her with her elbow. Eyes a bit wider, W continued with: “But nice catch, J.” Tiffany T rolled her eyes.

J Tiffany smiled. “I think two people could be involved: someone with access to the harem and someone who knows where to get rope.”

“That’s still a lot of suspects,” T sighed. “The person who got the rope may not even know what it was for.”

“Sure, but they may feel guilty about it,” Tiffany W concluded. “In any case, now two people have to stay quiet. If we find more clues, they just may turn on each other.”

The Three Tiffanys discussed their next step. Either, there was one murderer who had access to supplies and the harem or there were two. They had no way of knowing.

“Let’s try to think of why someone wanted to kill Ailyah,” T suggested. “The motive may help us narrow it down.”

It could be jealousy. They had read enough novels to know about ‘crimes of passion’. They agreed on two possibilities: 1. one of the harem, 2. someone outside the harem. Or it could be about power; someone who wanted to send the sultan a message. Or, Ailyah had seen something.

Tiffany T wanted a methodical interrogation of everyone. J worried what it would do to their relations with the other women. Tiffany W agreed. They had to start with the servants.

“Let’s set up a desk, like a tribunal,” J Tiffany squinted, “and we leave the rope in plain sight.”

Hope you enjoyed Episode 4.

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