The Three Tiffanys – Episode 7

In 1924, three Western women find their way into the harem and heart of the Sultan of Rakal Al Sulem. The three Tiffanys each have their own reasons to stay, but more importantly they all have reasons to work together for the betterment of the sultanate. This is their story.

Episode 1

Zarina, the sultana-mother warned The Three Tiffanys that their prime suspect, Mirina, would retaliated if she found out they were investigating her. Everyone knew they were looking into Ailyah’s death. The harem twitter would soon be rife with rumours about a possible suspect.

Saqal wiped his lips and smiled at Mirina’s delightful afterglow. He adored her and loved pleasuring her. He knew she was concerned about the investigation. The rope that strangled Ailyah had been found. However, it could not be connected to them, could it? They needed a plan.

“Thank you for your tender caresses, my beautiful Saqal,” Mirina sighed. Her praise meant everything to him. They hadn’t started as lovers. Saqal was used to pouty women in the harem, but not Mirina’s quick changing temper: rebuking, then apologizing. Dismissing, then praising.

Once he kissed her feet in reverence, everything changed. Against his expectation, she took him as her lover. She stirred feelings in him, he did not know were possible. He was forever hers. That Ailyah walked in on them was horrifying, and they had no choice but to silence her.

Mirina had comforted him, the way his mother used to. He knew that what they did was wrong, and he would gladly give his life for her. But the sultan would have Mirina punished as well, and Saqal would not allow that. He was sure they were forever bound together in their love.

Mirina kissed him on the lips. “My love, my heart is sad. The secret of our love is fragile. We have to make sure no one takes you away from me.”

Saqal agreed wholeheartedly. Those foreign Three Tiffanys changed everything in his harem. And Farouz didn’t respect their traditions.

It was necessary to return order to the harem, and Mirina was the only one who could do that.

“The Three Tiffanys are a bad influence on our Sultan. Only you and I see how dangerous they are, Saqal. Only the both of us are able to do something about it… and about those three.”

“You have a plan, my mistress, I can tell.”

Mirina explained that they had to lure the Three Tiffanys away. They had to make them follow carefully laid breadcrumbs.

“Outside the palace, terrible accidents can happen. Falling rocks when one travels through the gorge, for example.”

Mirina would miss Saqal if he were caught. She was certain he would not betray her, but to be sure, she would poison him. With him, all evidence would disappear. She would be safe, and The Three Tiffanys would cease their investigation. Mirina already choose Saqal’s substitute.

The next few days, they carefully planted new clues leading to the gorge. Saqal’s hopes lifted when he saw The Three Tiffanys leave the palace. Mirina kisses and caressed him. She praised his devotion to the harem. She said there was no one she loved more. He followed them out.

Hope you enjoyed Episode 7.

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