The Three Tiffanys – Episode 8 Season 2

In 1924, three Western women find their way into the harem and heart of the Sultan of Rakal Al Sulem. The three Tiffanys each have their own reasons to stay, but more importantly they all have reasons to work together for the betterment of the sultanate. This is their story.

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The Three Tiffanys – Episode 8 Season 2

“We observed The Three Tiffanys in the Sultan’s palace, my sheik,” Rayyit, the spy master, informs Rushdi.

The sheik’s inner voice drowns out what follows with “Soon to be my palace!”

“… studying historic maps. I’m awaiting confirmation on the findings of the one called Walker.”

“The Three Tiffanys?” Suraq, the astrologer, asks.

A disquieting silence answers him.

Biting his teeth and forcing a quick smile, he explains, “Alignment of al-Mushtari, the benevolent guardian of prosperity, and Nabtūn, the king of the waters, indicate three maidens and treasure.”

“The tale starts and ends with the third Tiffany.” Dafni wonders.

Rushdi likes it that Rayyit never looks at his seeress as he would a woman. How he manages to ignore her femininity covered with mystical henna is impressive. Very unlike the court advisor his uncle gifted him. He decides to let this little scene play out for a moment longer.

Rayyit tells them about J. Tiffany Noore’s second meeting with the Talesman. He awaits an update from his palace informant about that.

Rushdi wonders which advisor his silence will draw out. He hopes it’s Suraq. He takes the opportunity to let his eyes to roam over the seeress’ sheer pants and exposed waist, and jeweled bellybutton. He will find a replacement for her before he becomes sultan. Bedding Dafni has been in the cards for a long time, allowing himself this little play on words.

It’s Suraq. “O my sheik, I will continue to delve into the celestial tapestry, seeking insights into the fate of three maidens. Are they destined to uncover a hidden treasure? The stars whisper of an auspicious celestial alignment, signaling a period serendipitous discoveries.”

Clever, although a bit disappointing. Rushdi recognizes his astrologer’s attempt to find some wiggle room. For Dafni, he prefers a room to wiggle. His little sheik stretches at the expected moistness of the seeress sitting on his lap, the henna symbols of Past and Future dancing. He’s going to summon his vizier to find a new seeress immediately. His little sheik can’t wait any longer!

Dafni observes how her benefactor’s passions transform his face. His greedy eyes, lip-licking-tongue, hip-shifting, crotch-freeing movements easily reveal his passion for her. His energies shifted into one clear conclusion: she will be his soon. So far, the requirement of her continued virtue favoring her predictive magic, kept him at bay. It would either be her lack of usefulness or his lack of patience that would break the spell. His impatience won.

Straightening her back, the seeress gracefully turns the palms of her hands up. “O sheik, sands hide the object of this myth. Their dance with the winds—though delightful—can blur our eyes. Turned to storm, they hide dangers within… like three resourceful and duplicitous women.”

Hope you enjoyed Episode 8 Season 2.

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