The Treasure of Monte Verso – Captain Annie Foyle Adventure

This is a 10-tweet relay story that @FloorKist_SciFi and I wrote.

The Treasure of Monte Verso

The vixy’s fur feels luxurious on her skin. This is what she will wear from now on. The Treasure of Monte Verso is her last adventure. Annie Foyle is ready to retire as a wealthy lady. If she can survive, that is. Norris and Crowley are already turning the crew against her.

The only reason, Captain Annie is still alive is because she memorized the location of the treasure. It helps that Brown the navigator is on her side. Davy, the cabin boy, too. She isn’t too sure about Craig the quartermaster. He serves a captain faithfully until he doesn’t.

The airship flies over Beckett Ridge. Annie gives Brown the location, then she instructs her pilot to find a clearing.”Props off! Mooring lines out!” Craig orders. He gives Annie a quick glance.

She recognizes a greedy flash when she sees one. Norris and Crowley bought him.

Annie doesn’t mind the dying. It’s what they will do to her before that. She never slept with any of her crew. Although, she considered it with Davy, the day he turned 18. But it always ends in jealousies, fights and loss of respect. But some men will want what’s theirs now.

The Monte Versos fled from the Berger Inquisition. They hid their wealth away before getting caught and burned at the stake. No amount of torture got them to divulge its location. Davy found the first clue while practicing reading on an inventory of the family’s wealth.

He knew the Beckett Ridge was inhospitable. So, why would Monte Verso own a cabin there? Small and built with logs. Annie and her men approach it now. This is where the treasure map ends. She has no idea how to proceed. If Norris or Crowley find out, Annie is a good as dead.

“Be extremely careful here, men. There may be traps out here. We’re looking for the entrance to an underground vault or cave.”

Just as she expected, Crowley elbows her aside. He will show ‘his’ crew how it’s done. Sooner than she hoped, he drops through a fake bed of leaves.

Annie doesn’t need to see him to know he’s dead. Norris squints. He takes Davy by the arm and pushes him in front of him.

“The runt goes first. Captain, you better make sure he discovers the traps in time.”

“Who will you take after Davy dies, Norris?” Annie holds his gaze.

“Brown? Nah, you need a navigator to take the treasure home. Craig? Sure, he’s quartermaster, but anyone else can do his job. How many will you let die?”

Craig’s bead of sweat tells her he’s ready to jump back to her side again. Jaw tight, the men await Norris’ answer.

Norris squints. Then, his eyes pop open when the captain pushes her cutlass straight through his heart. She pushes him aside.

“Let’s go men!” Captain Annie Foyle leads her men to the famed Monte Verso treasure.

Dressed in her fine vixy furs, Annie loves to tell this story.

You can read it on Twitter here.

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