Tremayne’s Harem Adventure

Yay! My first ever story is published on Amazon!

What if the spaceship you stole has a horny AI? And what if you need her to find your abducted parents?

The Roarin’ 20s now include space travel thanks to 2D Transference technology that ‘flattens distance’. Industrialists compete to extract space minerals. And Space Cowboys are sent to mine for them.

But when space cartographer Tremayne hears his parents have both disappeared, he cuts his mission short to go look for them. Dropped off on Pluto Orbital Station, he steals a mysterious spaceship from an abandoned hangar. It talks… and moans at his touch.

When Alan enters her, Chastity feels soooo good. Of course, she will help him out, especially if he keeps caressing her like he does.

Tremayne discovers a ruthless competitor abducted his parents. His mother, after all, is the inventor of 2D Transference.

His search leads him to the moon and to Paraguay. And during his travels he meets his father’s mistress, and a female android who says she’s the ship’s AI.

Will he be in time to save his parents? Or will his ship prove too distracting?

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